Lupine Beer Label :: Murder of Cranberries Oatmeal Cranberry Stout
Lupine Beer Label :: Rout Brown Ale
Lupine Beer Label :: Destruction Wheat Ale
Lupine Beer Label :: Convocation Tea Ale
Lupine Beer Label :: Einzelganger German Alt
Lupine Beer Label :: O'Phelan Irish Ale

Lupine Brewing Company

Beer Labels
Lupine hired me to design all of their beer labels. The labels consisted of three main elements… 1. Paw Logo: Each beer is given a unique paw logo where the one paw is representative of that particular beer; 2. Font Treatment: The name of each beer is given a different text treatment that is reflective of the beer title; 3. Illustration: Each beer has an illustration that represents the animal grouping that the beer is named after. 

Illustration and Packaging Design

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator